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Art, to me, is a powerful means of making our world more beautiful and leaving behind a legacy of emotions and stories.

- Anna Lipsane

Delve Into the Divine Tapestry of Your Family

Work one-on-one with Anna to create a one of a kind heirloom portrait of your family. Through a series of thoughtful prompts, including questions about your loved ones, visualizing their essence, and learning about the colors and symbols that resonate with each family member, Anna will pour our the heart of your family into your commissioned artwork. Your preferences guide the creation of a truly personalized masterpiece.

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Fine Artist. Herbalist. Enchanter.

Anna Lipsane is a fine artist nestled in the Dandenong Ranges. Inspired by nature, human experiences, stories, and the melody of music, her vibrant paintings evoke a sense of sanctuary and freedom.

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