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Anna Lipsane

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

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Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 30cm x 40cm  

Continue reading below for more information about Family Portraits by Anna Lipsane, including insight into the process and experience of commissioning an heirloom artwork.

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Step into a journey through time as your family's story unfolds on canvas.

The Family Portrait as an art form is as old as we are; since our ancestors learned the magic of pigment we have found ways to document and express the rich tapestry of family. From simple sketches, to photography, and even sculpture, artists the world round have captured intimate moments and ineffable bonds again and again.

My own medium, acrylic paint on canvas, gives way to a particular kind of freedom and enchantment as I work with clients to capture the collective soul of their kin.

The Process


Due to the deep attention required for such a work, I have capacity for just one family portrait commission per month. Delicate and intricate, the full artistic journey takes up to six weeks, followed by an additional two weeks for framing (up to 8 weeks total from date of purchase to when your heirloom is shipped).


Our journey together begins when you purchase your custom Family Portrait commission. Upon purchase, you'll receive an email with a special link to a questionnaire to set things in motion. 

Included in the questionnaire is an intentional inquiry about who your family is as a collective. When working with you on your family portrait, I'll delve into your family's tapestry. I'll ask about your loved ones, visualising their essence, and learn about the colours and symbols that resonate with each family member.


Two weeks before your scheduled month, I will review your responses and email you if I require any clarification. Then, it's time to paint.

During the following weeks I take everything you have offered and turn it into a priceless heirloom. Though in truth, what I'm creating for you is not just a portrait; it's an intimate reflection of your unique story, woven with care and artistic dedication.


When the artwork is complete, I will then collaborate with my framer (a truly skilled professional) to craft a raw timber frame that complements your painting. After framing is done, I'll arrange delivery and very soon you'll be hanging your beloved Family Portrait in the heart of your home.

Your preferences guide me in the creation of a truly personalised masterpiece.

What past clients say...

A beloved family keepsake.

Anna’s family portrait means so much to me. She takes time to get to learn about each of the people she will paint and deeply connects with their energy’s. She has created a work of art that I now get to share with my son and we will cherish it forever. He will still have it after I am gone and it will become a loved keepsake in our family. There is a lightness that shines through the painting which always puts a smile on my face every time I walk past it.

Thank you for your beautiful work Anna. You’re incredible!

- Helen

I cried when I saw it.

I reached out to Anna after seeing one of her family portraits on Instagram. She was immediately warm and made me feel like the way she painted wasn’t just to make money. It’s a part of her soul and who she is. She asked me some questions about our family (I was pregnant with our second babe at the time) and for some pictures to understand how to capture us best.

I trusted her completely to make us something truly beautiful, and she didn’t disappoint. The painting is vibrant and soft and made me cry when I saw it! It reminds me of a Klimt. It’s the most wonderful, detailed portrait with little references to all of us hidden in our “cloaks”. It’s an incredible piece and I’m honestly so grateful to her.

- Amy

One of a kind.

From the moment I saw one of Anna’s family portraits, I instantly widened my eyes in awe at her portrayal of the loving presence and connectedness that flows through them. Working with Anna was a pleasure and it was really exciting to witness the alchemy of her visions and our story come to life.

I look at our portrait everyday and feel reminded of the elements, guides and love that holds us. Anna’s work is truly one of a kind. A dance of sharing stories, trust and patience, her visionary artistic process and seeing you and your dearest loved ones all woven together from the strokes of her brush is really special and you should just get one too.

- Chelsey

A new family heirloom.

Our beautiful family portrait, a proud new family heirloom.

Our beautiful friend Anna spent time, care and so much love getting to know us as a family. Anna spent the time reading our family story and feeling each aspect of who we are and perfectly portrayed this in her incredible art.

Ollies deep Milky Way of a soul, Archie’s Autumn leaves, Billie’s bursts of colour and Sonny’s rich sunset. Each of our personalities burst through the painting. Anna has perfectly captured this incredible season of life we are in, with Sean protecting over us through our last postpartum, the tenderness and care our children have given each other and the softness I have felt throughout. So incredibly grateful to Anna for this beautiful experience.

- Paige