Hello there!

I'm Anna, a passionate fine artist with a story to tell.

Originally from Latvia, I embarked on a transformative journey that brought me to the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia in 2017, where I found my creative haven in the enchanting Dandenong Ranges.

My artistic odyssey began in 2008, a self-taught exploration that led me through diverse styles and mediums. Eventually, I discovered my truest expression with acrylic on canvas, a medium that allows me to paint my emotions and ideas freely.

Nature, human experiences, stories, and the melody of music are the compasses guiding my artistic compass. Each stroke on my canvas tells a tale inspired by the beauty around us and the rich tapestry of human existence. My work reflects the dynamic interplay of colors, textures, and emotions, creating a visual symphony that resonates with the soul.

Art, to me, is a powerful means of making our world more beautiful and leaving behind a legacy of emotions and stories. It's a way of freezing moments in time, preserving the essence of life's myriad experiences.

In the heart of the Dandenong Ranges, I've set up my studio—a sanctuary where creativity flows, and ideas come to life. Bathed in natural light, it's a space where I sketch, paint, and let inspiration unfold. 

I invite you to join me on this journey. Let's explore the world of art together, over a cup of coffee and a chat.

See you soon!